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Hello and welcome to my new readers!

I’m Shannon, and it’s my pleasure and honor to be here, bringing you easy-to-make vegan recipes and tips for navigating the brave world of veganism!  Some are my original creations, some have been inspired by the work of other fellow vegan home-cooks, and some are “veganized” versions of those favorites we have all loved through the years but now want healthier, compassionate versions of.
If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle and feel a bit mystified by this new way of cooking, have no fear. I will also feature guidance and tips for newbies, from easy vegan substitutes for meat, dairy, and eggs, to commonly asked questions about living vegan in a non-vegan world, to great new vegan-friendly products for health/beauty and home use. And if you have questions that you don’t find the answers to here, let me know! It’s likely that others are wondering too.
A little about me, personally: I live with my husband and four sons in beautiful Western Colorado. My husband Chris is a meteorologist, and in addition to being a blog writer and working on my first cookbook, I am also a nurse, working in an addiction recovery center. I hold a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and will be offering personalized, one-on-one vegan lifestyle coaching in the very near future.
I became vegan for reasons of animal welfare and health and wellness, both in equal measure. Veganism is about leading a life of compassion, and I firmly believe that to have a heart open to showing the most compassion to our fellow earthlings, the animals, you must first cultivate a sense of compassion for your own mind, body, and spirit. I try always to love myself and honor the one body and life I have on this planet, so I strive to make healthy choices in what I eat, in exercising my body, in reducing and handling stress, and in my interactions with others, though I am human and just as prone to mistakes as anyone!
So, thank you for being here, and please subscribe to my blog so you can have access to the latest posts.
Happy cooking and much love,

2 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to my new readers!

  1. Way to go Shannon! You have been a fresh inspiration to our vegan group and I know you will help many others on the journey.
    You have a special gift in the kitchen, so share your kind recipes as I love them!

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